Yummy Double Raspberry Sorbet

Game Description: All of the friends of this expert chef unexpectedly came to her house, and her kitchen only has a few ingredients that would not be sufficient to prepare any specific and delicious recipe. Being a chef she has to make her friends happy by serving some icy delicious dessert; but why an icy dessert? Because serving something chilled would be the right idea for this hot weather. After thinking for a while in her kitchen, she got an idea of plucking some fresh raspberries fruits and lemons from her garden to prepare double raspberry sorbet which is an excellent fruity, summer dessert. She immediately went out and grabbed some raspberries and lemons from her big garden. Now the big question, who will make this dessert if she spends her time in chatting with her friends? The answer is simple; it's you! By following her easy recipe notes placed in the kitchen help the chef prepare this yummy summer treat and serve it to her friends.

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