Yummy Cookies-n-Creme Fudge

Game Description: Are you planning to make rich, creamy delicious fudge? There are so many types and flavors of fudge based desserts but we have picked a remarkably simple and very yummy fudge to teach you and quite honestly, this recipe is going to make people fall in love with your cooking skills. It's none other than Cookies-n-Creme Fudge, a recipe that does not only require less effort but also takes less time to prepare. We have requested our fantastic chef to assist and guide you on each step starting from mixing the ingredients, handling the utensils, freezing the mixture and finally garnishing the Cookies-n-Creme Fudge slices. She is waiting for you in the kitchen to get the cooking process started. All you need to do is follow and perform the steps according to the chef's instructions. It is time to roll up your sleeves and enter into the kitchen to make the most delicious fudge you've ever made.

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