Triplets at the picnic

Game Description: Triplets at the picnic game is about a happy family who has triplets. The mother is busy in preparing the important things that she has to bring for the picnic. Help her in gathering the essential things that she needs before she will run out of time. There are some things that are found in the kitchen that she does not need. She only needs to bring the things that are needed for the picnic and the things that are needed by the triplets. These things include the foods, baby bottles, toys, napkins and other important things. The triplets have to enjoy the picnic. If you cannot make the triplets happy then you will lose the game. The important thing is to be alert all the time. If the triplets cannot get the things that they want then they will cry. Girls would love to play this especially if they love to have picnics with their families. It's really fun to be with our families especially having a picnic with them. In this game, the girls can learn the things that they need to bring for their picnics.

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