Triple Chocolate Brownies Cooking Game

Game Description: A young chef daily gets a lot of requests from her fans to teach them the recipe they love the most. Since she works in a restaurant, she finds only a little time to spend in the cooking class where she teaches different kinds of delicious recipe to her fans. Today, some of her fans requested her to guide them on how to make Triple Chocolate Brownies, so she invited them to attend her cooking class in order to learn this yummy dessert. If you also want to learn this recipe, then this is the perfect time for you. Take part in the cooking session, follow her directions and make the brownie mixture using the necessary ingredients. Pour the brownie mixture in baking tray and bake it. When you finish baking remove the baking tray out of the oven and cut the brownies into pieces and place them on a large plate and sprinkle the confectioners' sugar. Enjoy!

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