Toy for Tim

Game Description: The Toy for Tim game is about assembling the different parts of the toy. We all know that children love to play toys. Tim loves to play different toys. Try to help Tim in accomplishing the toy that he wants. Find all the parts of Tim's toy and try to put them all together. If you can complete the toy of Tim then you can make him happy. There are different levels in this game. Toy for Tim is a very easy game. What you need to do is to make your imagination work by figuring out the materials needed for that particular toy that Tim needs. This is a challenging game since you have to think carefully what a specific toy is made of. At the same time, you should also be quick in your move so that you will not run out of time. If your time expires and you are not done in assembling the toy then you will lose the game. After you have finished assembling a particular toy, another toy will be displayed. There are many options in choosing the parts of the toy. There are two matching pictures that you have to choose in completing the toy.

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