Super Nanny

Game Description: The Super Nanny is a fun game about being a babysitter. Generally, a lot of people are fond of babies. The girl in this game loves babies and she will do everything to take care of them. That is why; she makes this as her profession. Being a babysitter is not an easy job as you might think. You have to take care of the babies and give them what they need. Every day you will have to do a lot of tasks. These tasks will vary and you have to do everything so that you can accomplish them. You have to satisfy the needs of the babies or else you will lose the game. There are many babies that you have to take care of. Sometimes the babies need the same thing but sometimes they need different things. In the Super Nanny game you should be quick in providing the needs of the babies. You should remember that there are several babies that need something from you. If you can't give the thing that the baby requires then the baby will cry and you will lose the game. If you failed in taking care of the babies then you cannot be a good babysitter.

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