Summer Ants

Game Description: Mary and her friends love to spend their day in the park. When Mary goes to the park, she always brings with her a magnifying glass. This is because she wants to protect herself from the ants which are roaming around in the park. Try to help her dress up so that she can look nice and she will have a great time. You can make her more beautiful by changing her hair and hair accessories. Help her find the best clothes for her journey to the park. She can either wear a dress or a top and a bottom. Choose the socks and shoes for her feet. There are also several types of magnifying glasses to choose from. She can either bring a big magnifying glass or the small one. You can also change the features of her face to make her look even lovelier. You can also skin her skin tone by giving her a darker one or a lighter one. Summer Ants is a game that can be played by any girl who loves to dress up a baby. This game can show her abilities in fashion and matching clothes. In dressing up the baby, you can have several choices.

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