Small Baby Dress Up

Game Description: Small Baby Dress Up is a fun game about dressing up your baby. The first step in the game is to choose the eyes and the mouth of the baby in order to complete its face. The next step is to choose the appropriate hair for the baby. Choose the one that you like the best. The next step is to choose the clothes of your baby. If you want to change its color then you can click and the color palette will appear. You can choose any color that you want. After choosing the clothes, you have to choose a cap. You also have the option to change the color of the cap and choose any color that you like. The next thing is to choose a toy for your baby or you can choose a baby bottle to feed your baby. And finally, you can change the background of the room. You can click each option so that you can see how it's like. After everything is finished then click the 'Done' button. Now you are ready to print the picture of your baby. The Small Baby Dress Up is an enjoyable game for all the girls and it can make them more creative.

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