Sisi's Savory Food Restaurant

Game Description: Sisi conducted a survey in order to know people's opinion on savory foods and the result was astonishing. Almost everyone in the town likes to eat varieties of savory foods. By considering everyone's feedback Sisi opened a savory food restaurant. In order to impress the new customers he prepared some delicious savory dishes. Since today is the first day so he predicted that only a small number of customers would come to the restaurant, but to his surprise his prediction totally backfired and a large number of customers lined up to order their favorite food. The only way to make all the customers happy is to serve the food they need immediately after they place the order which would be a difficult task for Sisi since he is managing the restaurant as a one man show. As a talented customer handler, it is your job now to help Sisi serve everyone who visits his new restaurant.

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