Rookie Nurse

Game Description: The Rookie Nurse is a game about the great responsibility of being a nurse. A nurse is someone that you can rely on for your recovery and treatment. This game is a very challenging game for all the girls. The task of the nurse is to take care of the newborns. The newborns should be well taken care while they are staying in the hospital. Each newborn requires a lot of things such as taking a bath, playing with a toy, changing the diaper and many more. There are many things that you can do with each newborn. In each day that you work in the hospital, you can learn a lot of different things. The more experience you can learn, the more you can accommodate the newborns. The newborns are very delicate and it is very important that you should be attentive to their needs in order to make them happy. For those girls who want to become a nurse or those who loves to take care of babies then they can play the Rookie Nurse game. For every baby that you take care you can gain some points. This is really a fun game to play with and girls can also learn some responsibilities.

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