Pretty Perfume Girl Makeover

Game Description: Wow! What a lovely aroma, do you know where it is coming from? It is from an exquisite perfume shop, where different fragrances of perfumes are sold. This beautiful girl works at this shop as a saleswoman. She is the only girl in the shop, who has a sound knowledge of different types of perfumes' aromas and at the same time she is extraordinarily talented in handling the customers. This is why all of the visitors rush to her with the hope that she will provide them with the exact perfume they are looking for. Before going to the job, her first duty is to meet her personal stylist at the parlor and get a nice makeup and hairstyle. Then she goes back to her home to choose some perfect outfits from her fashionable wardrobe. Today her stylist is going for a trip so in her absence she wants you to be her stylist and give her a cute makeup and a stylish dyed hairstyle. Complete her makeover by choosing the best matching accessories.

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