My Super Cool Stylish Car

Game Description: If you watch these kids playing, you would notice, most of their toys are different types of colorful toy cars because they love to play with cars and feel happy sharing the toy cars with their friends. This game gives a fantastic opportunity to all of the crazy car fans out there to customize and redecorate a car model in a way they want. Come on what are you waiting for, customize and paint the body of the car, its front skirt, back skirt, side skirt, doors and spoiler with your favorite shapes and colors. When you are done, give it cool new rims and choose the color for your stylish car's glasses and seats. Finish up your customization job by accessorizing the car with vinyl and neon lamps. Now bring your super stylish car on the road to showcase your creativity to your friends and car lovers who are waiting to see your masterpiece and take photographs of it.

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