Makeover For A Stylish Fire Princess

Game Description: You are requested to come to this palace of flames as soon as possible for a specific and important task. Being a makeup artist and well experienced fashion designer can you make a wild guess, what would the task be? You are absolutely correct, you are going to create a stunning look for the Fire Princess. Do not hesitate to enter into the palace and don't get scared by the dragon or any other fearsome creatures at the palace because none of them will appear today as the Fire Princess has ordered all of them to stay away until you finish the makeover job. All the beautiful makeup kits and firey colored outfits are already arranged for you by the princess so you can even go to the palace without carrying anything. Make sure you give her a fantastic facial beauty treatment, an amazing makeover and a transforming, unique look by dressing her up in one of the magnificent outfits and precious jewels. Good luck!

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