Make Me An Amazingly Gorgeous Bride

Game Description: Who said this bride will never look beautiful on her wedding day? She will surely become the most extraordinary and the loveliest bride of all times, if she gets the perfect makeover from a pro makeup artist. Without makeup, the bride to-be is the cutest girl in her town but due to her dull complexion and pimples, she looks pale. Right now, she is in a high zest to prove that she is the most gorgeous bride ever to everyone and make her handsome groom proud of her. The only question is, who is the expert who will bring such a tremendous and magical transformation? It's undoubtedly you! Use all the those magical makeup items you have and make her face glow like a diamond and then dress her up with the perfect gowns that you have designed for brides. She will be glad and immensely happy when she walks with her fiancé on the red-carpet.

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