Let's Cook Seafood Salad

Game Description: Whenever this woman gets too tired, she often goes to the beach to relax and enjoy eating sea food at the beach restaurant. Today, she is at the beach, not for her relaxation but to entertain her kid and then cook some delicious sea food salad for herself and her child at the beach. Before playing with her kid, she wants to finish up the cooking task, this way she and her kid would be able to eat the food instantly when they become abundantly tired and hungry after playing. The sooner she finishes the cooking job, the faster she can go and play some fun games with her baby at the beach. So she wants you to help her. First of all, cook the pasta. When the pasta is ready transfer it in a bowl and then add seafood, onions, carrots and mix the ingredients. In another bowl combine salad dressing, greens and milk together. After mixing these ingredients, add this mixture in the first bowl and you are done.

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