Learn To Make Gingerbread Pony Cookies

Game Description: Today a group of chefs have planned to teach the recipe they like the most to some of the smartest people who find cooking their greatest hobby. Almost all of the chefs have already picked their candidates and took them to their kitchens to teach the recipe. There is only one chef left who is looking for you as she has chosen you as her candidate. Are you wondering which recipe she is going to teach you? Its gingerbread pony cookies, the delicious cookies that make everyone drool. When you enter into her kitchen, your first task would be to help your chef find all the necessary ingredients. Once you make sure that you have spotted out all the required ingredients, you next task would be the cooking process. Follow all the instructions given by your chef to prepare the dough and cut it into pony shaped cookies. Place the gingerbread pony cookies on the baking pan and bake it in the oven until golden brown and then decorate the cookies with a selection of goodies. Enjoy!

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