How To Make Petit Fours Dessert

Game Description: A girl has thrown a tea party for her friends and wanted to make "petit fours" for this special event. "Petit fours" are miniature cakes served as dessert. Although she has all the ingredients and knows how to make this recipe yet she cannot complete it on time because she has to also decorate her home for the party. So she is looking for a person with good instructions following and cooking skills and luckily she found you. If you don't know how to make the "petit fours" dessert, it doesn't matter, she is going to teach you all the steps and all you need to do is, follow her instructions word by word. Start preparing the batter by mixing all the required ingredients. Spread the batter on a jelly roll pan and put it in the oven to bake it. After removing cake from the oven cool it completely and then cut it into small square pieces. Place the cake pieces on a rack and pour the icing over them and garnish with sugared flowers or frosting pipes.

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