How To Cook Black Bean Lasagna Rolls

Game Description: If you want to know all the steps involved in making black lasagna rolls, this fun cooking game is undoubtedly for you. Through this game you will learn how you can make this incredible recipe. A unique virtual kitchen has been built for you, where you will find a cooking table with a stove, utensils and all the ingredients are placed on it. Place the cooking pan over the stove and add water, olive oil, lasagna noodles and allow it to cook. After turning off the stove transfer the cooked lasagna noodles on the plate. Combine cheese, a spoon full of chili powder, ricotta cheese, green chili and salt in a bowl and mix the mixture well. Add the mixture on either sides of each noodle and then add black beans over it. When you are done, carefully roll the noodles and bake them in the oven. After baking place the lasagna rolls on the plate and then add a spoon full of salsa. Finally decorate it with cilantro sprigs. Enjoy!

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