Give A Quick Hair Makeover To A Bride

Game Description: Doing the tasks at the last moment has been a habit of this girl since her childhood. Today in a few hours she is getting married with her dream groom, and as a bride, she has to look beautiful at the wedding ceremony and for that she needs to wear a nice wedding gown and have a fantastic bridal hairstyle which is a special request from her fiancé. We all know that she is a lazy girl who always does what is required at the last moment, somehow she has managed to go to the shop and buy a gown to wear and for the hairstyle few minutes ago she requested a hairdresser to create a new hairstyle for her but hairdresser politely declined her request and now she is in nervous. Being an expert hairstylist, you are the only one who can help the bride with her hair makeover in the shortest possible time. Since it is already too late, the groom would come and check whether his bride is ready or not so try to finish the hairdressing job as soon as possible without getting the bride caught by her groom. Make sure the groom gets happy when he sees the bride with a stylish hairstyle created by you.

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