Fruits And Vegetables Fashion Girl

Game Description: This girl is going to take part in a couture dress competition conducted by the school where she studies. All of the participants are allowed to participate in the competition only after the qualifier ensures that the participant meets the requirements. There are two requirements for the participants to qualify which is they must be a fan of eating fresh fruits and cooked vegetables and they must be capable of designing outfits that look like vegetables and fruits with the help of their parents. At the end of the audition, the judge qualified this little girl and few of her friends for the show that is going be held this evening. The girl and her parents, after a lot of efforts, designed some of the best costumes using their creative ideas but the final touches would include, choosing the best costume, a very vital and difficult task that they may not be able to handle, so they want you to intelligently make the perfect choice. Try all of vegetables and fruits costumes on her and help her pick the most appropriate one.

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