Five Delicious Cupcakes Decoration

Game Description: There is a chef residing in a fancy house. Near her house, there is a large green garden where five cute little girls come with their parents every day in the evening and gather together at their favorite playing spot. They play different girl games that they learnt from their teachers and have a wonderful time. This chef also goes to the garden exactly at the same time when these five girls gather and enjoy watching the leisure activities they do. Today this chef has prepared some delicious cupcakes, toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles and princesses, fairies, bees, castles, and gingerbread men made out of sugar. She wants you to use all these yummy items and create five cute, delicious cupcakes. Now, you can easily guess for whom she is preparing these cupcakes. Yes, she is preparing these mouth-watering treats for those five little girls!

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