Fire Baby Chases Ice Baby

Game Description: Fire Baby Chases Ice Baby is a game about chasing and collecting crystals. Fire Baby and Ice Baby are having a good time playing the chasing game. Your job is to guide Ice Baby so that Fire Baby cannot catch him/her. You will not only show the correct path for Ice Baby but you also have to help him/her in collecting crystals. These precious crystals should be collected before Fire Baby can catch Ice Baby. You should be careful in guiding Ice Baby in order to avoid any wrong move. A wrong move means that you will lose the game and Ice Baby will be trapped. Fire Baby Chases Ice Baby has different levels. After completing a certain level then you are ready to proceed to the next level. Each level has different challenging paths. Ice Baby should do some quick moves so that Fire Baby will not be able to catch him. After completing the path and Ice Baby has completely escaped from Fire Baby then you can move on to the next level. This is a fun game for everyone especially for the children who love chasing game. It is very simple and very easy to play. Any child can easily learn how to play it.

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