Emo Fashion Expression

Game Description: Emo style is very popular among youth nowadays and more and more teenagers are adopting this fashion style. This trend is a fusion of punk and Goth and is all about expressing yourself through clothing and combining different elements to create your own personal style. Emo fashion can be easily distinguished because it has many particular characteristics such as t-shirts with different prints, dark colored clothes but also paired up with some bright colors like pink or green, tight jeans, sneakers or skate shoes, scarves. Stripes are very popular in emo style as well as skulls, sparrows, hearts and stars. But an emo outfit wouldn't be complete without the specific hairstyle. If just a few years ago emos dyed their hair only black, now there is a new trend with multicolored hair but it keeps two basic elements: straight and asymmetrical. In what regards the accessories, the skull shaped earings and belt buckles are very common. You will find all these emo style items in this great dress up game and you can see how a real emo outfit looks. Enjoy the emo style!

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