Elf Princess Galaedhel

Game Description: Few know the story of princess Galaedhel, one of the prettiest Elves in existence. As is customary with elves to name their children after the qualities they posses, her name is taken from the words Galad, which means radiance in the elven language and edhel, meaning beauty. Even as Galaedhel grew up, she was the most beautiful girl around and she made everyone smile as she radiated happiness and joy throughout her hometown of Mineth, a secluded heaven buried deep in the forest and carved in one of the oldest and largest oaks ever seen. Despite her beauty and grace however, Galaedhel never found true love and now, with her coming of age, she intends to find a fellow elf to love and marry. Hearing these rumors, nobles and princes from all across the World travel to Mineth to ask for Galaedhel

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