Designer Sea Nails For A Mermaid

Game Description: A beautiful mermaid lives deep in the sea and she is one of the best nail artists out there. She owns an underwater salon shop where lots of clients visit to make their nails look pretty and she politely listens to their requests and gives their nails the look they want. Though she is an owner of a famous nails designing salon, she still prefers someone like you who is equally talented like her in nails styling, to create a great nail design for her. Today she is attending a fashion show where all of her friends and customers will come, so being a skillful nails stylist, give her nails a flawless, unique and beautiful look that would stun everyone at the event. She has bought some colorful, stylish nail polishes and stickers that look like sea creatures and glittering rings, so what are you waiting for, use them all to create the perfect nails design for her. Enjoy!

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