Barbie The Talented Rock Star

Game Description: Performing on a big stage as a rock star is a one of the coolest dreams of our friend Barbie. She is a superb singer and a talented guitarist but unfortunately, nobody gave her an opportunity to prove her rock music talent. In order to cheer her up and boost her confidence, her magical fairy friend decided to arrange a rock music concert in the wonderland where all the fairies live. After planning for hours about the event, finally the fairy completed the stage decoration with the help of her friends. And now the fairy is back with this exciting news for Barbie and wants to take her to the dreamland. Barbie is immensely happy and wants to get ready as soon as possible to go with the fairy. Become her personal fashion stylist and give her a nice makeup, choose appropriate hairstyle, dress her up with the perfect rock outfit and accessories. Don't forget to pick a matching guitar.

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