Baby Caring

Game Description: Baby Caring is a game about taking care of your little brother or sister. Mom is not home because she is at work. Hazel is left in the house and her duty is to take care of her younger brother or sister. There are a variety of tasks that you can do for your baby brother or sister. In every task that you have to accomplish, there are certain requirements. The important thing is you should not let the baby cry if you do not want to lose the game. If your baby brother or sister cries then Hazel will be in trouble when Mom gets home. You have to help Hazel in taking care of the baby by providing the needs of the baby. Baby Caring starts by letting you choose what you like a brother or a sister. Then after this a task will be assigned and it is all up to you to accomplish this task. If you can't take care of the baby or you can't provide what the baby needs then watch out because the baby will cry. We can avoid this by being attentive to the needs of the baby. Baby Caring is an enjoyable game for all the girls.

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