An Omelet Recipe For Two Lovely Kids

Game Description: These two little kids are very hungry and they want some delicious breakfast to eat. It is already late and they have to reach the school on time. Being their friendly chef you have to come up with a delicious breakfast recipe that can be prepared quickly so these kids may eat the meal before they go to school. In such situation preparing an omelet is an excellent choice which is an extremely easy recipe to make and it literally takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is prepare the vegetable stuffing using fresh vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, beans, spinach and prepare the egg mixture using eggs, salt and, pepper. Pour the egg mixture into the cooking pan and cook it for few minutes and place the sautéed vegetables over the omelet and sprinkle grated cheese. When you are done, place the omelet on serving plate and serve it with warm toasted bread and sliced tomatoes to the kids. They will love it!

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