A Cute And Graceful Singer

Game Description: Singing, songwriting, and playing musical instruments were once hobbies of this multitalented girl but as the years rolled by these hobbies became her profession. Yes, she a superb singer, a pianist and a creative songwriter. Her aim is to make her audience feel happy with the heart touching songs and soothing music. Today she is going to perform a concert, and the stadium will soon get fully packed with fans. Whenever she performs a concert, it's her usual practice to first rehearse with her bird friends who have the unique opportunity to listen to her newest compositions before anyone else. After rehearsal, she would go into her dressing room and chose an elegant outfit that would grab everyone's attention and then chose a musical instrument. It seems like she is busy tuning her piano so she wants you to dress her up with the perfect dress and accessories while she continues tuning the piano.

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